Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Master Degree

If I had spare money, I might go to school for my master degree, preferably somewhere with great winter season. A full year holiday to escape from it all, build network, get a degree, and hopefully learn something new and exciting.

Thought about it, look into it briefly, there are just not interesting and exciting, worth spending all the money earned. If save some money and goes to school in Bangkok, the course outline is no different from BBA. Nothing like the front line. By the time, if lucky, the knowledge is capture, understood, and pass on by someone who got no experience, everyone else is already jumping to the next planet.

Cannot say the same thing for Bachelor, as good foundation is necessary, but... But because I have no extra cash now and therefore the decision is mine, I am going to do something that is fun, useful, and make money.

Blog is my master, my mentor. I set my own course outline, to what inspire me and what I need to survive in this rapid changing world. Sure, I won't get a degree for job application to increase 10,000 baht/month (ROI would be years if not decades), but I will have an updated knowledge and hand on experience. Just only the stuff that is needed to get the work done properly, and that is overloading already.

I will come back with idea for doctor degree when I get through the dip and graduate my master degree with a 10 times growth on bottom line.

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