Monday, March 31, 2008


Do what you believe. Have no fear of failure. It is the best way to learn and to set the right assumption, for going forward.

Success don't just come, it is a result of many failures. Cannot wait to that perfect moment, don't know if that even exist.


Don't go look for the one of a life time opportunity.

Look carefully around. Be yourselves. Do what you love.

And play the ones at hand as best as you could. The rest will follow.

Play the "Opportunity at Works"

Don't wait to be given, Take!
Getting vs. Taking, by Seth Godin

Friday, March 28, 2008

The World is Just Moving Too Fast

Must Read:

Wired Magazine, specially Issue 16.04 Tech Biz, all 9 articles

Must Watch:

Open Forum, specially Inside The Entrepreneurial Mind, The Business of Technology, Seth Godin, Sean Parker, Jimmy Wales, Susan Sobbott

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Now it makes a lot of sense.

Asking customer what they want, you will never clearly understand. Give them a set of prototypes, and let them choose and comments, you are on the way.

Yes, question leads to answer, but a vague question open up even more confusion.

Is this why many successfully business have Prototype, from Car, Computer, Software, to Design...

Answer to What do customer really want, When you cannot just simply ask them directly, Making them do your job, When you have to ask and observe...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Catch 22

Mass Marketing is for Mass Product. Generalize the Product to meet everyone requirements, and heavily invest in Mass Marketing to break the clutter, if ever.

The thing with Moore Curve though, from Left to Right, Innovators, Early Adopters, Early and Late Majority (the Majority), and lastly Laggards.

1. Mass Marketing will reach the Early Adopters and bore them with a boring product, therefore, not passing down the word.

2. And, Mass Marketing will never reach the Majority, who gave them no attention anyway.

So why not save on the big mass marketing investment, and invest in the product from the start, and the Sneezer (Early Adopters) will pass down the word to the Majority freely.

Lesson: Invest in the product and start with the best product for Innovators and Early Adopters, who will take it to the Mass for you. Think big and Act Small make even more sense. Even if your product is best for the Mass, it is very difficult to reach them. You have to move from the left to the right of Moore Curve anyway.

And there is very few one good thing that is for everyone. People are different. Clutter...

Why Purple Cow are Rare?

When it is easy. When any body can do it.

Because people have fear, afraid of criticism and failure. Aversion deeply rooted, from the system have shaped us to be and made us believe that it is the right thing to do.

Remarkable one accept that fact that they will fail and being noticeable, leading to criticism. But by being unique and outstanding, you will be able to avoid being invisible.

Criticism does not lead to failure. Contrary, it leads to change and improvement. Playing safe does not change, it maintains. Why are you complaining when you can change, change the world.

Persistence is the will and the way.

Note: Credit and Respect to Seth Godin, The Problem with The Cow

Monday, March 24, 2008

Marketing Consultant Value

Walk the owner shoe, know what it is the best for them. Think Owner. They want the best value for the money.

Have a solution, Immediate Term, and Long Term Plan.

Prepare for the meeting. Talk their language. Research the company situation and web presence, and their competitors. And Alternatives.

Organic Design

Ross Lovegrove: The power and beauty of organic design

The way to Grow and Inspired by Nature... Wow! This is innovation. Watch.

Watch more video from here! Very interesting and diverse from the best people.

Chris Anderson speaks.

What do people really want?

They do not know what they want. And there is no one universal answer. It is a diverse one. Variabilities.

Watch Malcolm Gladwell Presentation on on this.

No universal principal, but cluster group will help identify. Embrace human diversity.


"Rule Developing Experimentation (RDE). In short - people do not know what they want and there is not much sense asking them about it directly. The focus groups have no use in this situation and they were NOT used in the cases superbly described by Gladwell from the experience of Dr. Moskowitz. He happens to be my co-author of the book Selling Blue Elephants: How to make great products that people want BEFORE they even know they want them (Wharton School Publishing, 2007) that describes in details all the cases presented. In fact, RDE approach is very different from the focus groups - it presents experimentally designed prototypes to the respondents and asks the consumers whether they like the prototypes or not. RDE never asks what they want. It evaluates their liking (purchase intent) and deducts the best combination of the ingredients (food) or message (ad) or visuals (package, website, magazine cover, etc.)
You can read more about that at or in my recent article at Daily News and Analysis (", Alex Gofman


Great E-Commerce tool to easily setup web store with high standard. Full features from Shopping Carts, Digital Delivery, Promotion, Shipping Calculation, and Payment.


Friday, March 21, 2008

Synthetic Happiness

Another video from, cannot help not posting one more. Synthetic Happiness vs. Natural Happiness.

A point for Sales, if we really want buyer to be happy. Irreversible vs. Reversible. No Refund Policy, Will this make them Happier?!

A point on being Too Ambitious (Unbounded), Remain Joyful and Be Good...

By Dan Gilbert: Why are we happy? Why aren't we happy?

"Our longing and worry are both to some degree overblown because we have within us the capacity to manufacture the very commodity we are constantly chasing when we choose our experience."

Education System

Good points made, like "What happen when Degrees become Abundance?"

Nurture your creativity! Don't let others kill it. This road can be very hard sometime, specially if you are alone. There are people like you, seek them out. How though? Still need to find that answer, maybe the whole argument is wrong. Optimistic right?!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Get It Done or Get It Perfect

A very difficult balance I have been struggling since I started working. Opportunity comes and goes, a very small window most of the time.

But what about today world? Relentless then...? Sanders say. Mean more work. Got to be the best in the world!


Sanders PAL System, forward if you have the Permission, forward if it will Accomplish something, forward if it is not Loaded with emotional words.

Make long url short, TinyURL.

Never BCC if you are not going to do in the real world, read more on email manners that you should have been thought, How To Be a Boor.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Seth Godin

My mentor in Marketing.

Read his Blog daily! Check out his today advice on Resume and Persistence.
SETH GODIN is a bestselling author, entrepreneur and agent of change. The Ultimate Entrepreneur for the Information Age.

Reading Tip from Jeffrey Gitomer

My mentor in Sales.

Hope that this does not count as a reproduction, just a great note from Jeffrey Gitomer Weekly Column on his reading tip. He has lead me to the right direction with Little Red Book of Selling. The book that started it all, in Sales and Business, 3 years ago.

"Here are some of my personal reading tips from things I do as I am reading, and after I put the book down:

• I highlight as I read, but I don’t just underline what the author said, I take my own notes as I read.

• I write in the margins and enter my margin notes in an action file. I put thoughts and ideas in writing as soon as they occur.

• I can identify with characters, and characteristics. Most notably Holden Caulfield, he was the first. Then came Sherlock Holmes, Howard Roark, and John Galt. There are many others including, but not limited to. Bugs Bunny, Alfred E Newman, The Cat in the Hat, and Don Juan.

• I discuss to clarify. I talk about what I learned from reading to clarify and affirm my own thinking.

• I take action on things I want to try, or things I’m trying to accomplish.

• I gain insight. Especially when I read about creativity and thinking.

• I am inspired by those in the arts whose paintings, woodcuts, and photographs I admire.

• I adjust philosophies and thoughts when more credible ones emerge. When I read, I’m open to learn, and open to new ideas.

How does reading impact you?

Many people go to the library to read. Libraries are a great place to read and determine if the book is valuable enough to own. Bookstores are where you can purchase books to build your own library. Books are not just for reading; they’re also for reference.

The action plan is simple: Read ten pages a day. At the end of a year you will have read 3,650 pages. My bet is that those pages will teach you more, inspire you more, and earn you more, than the TV re-runs you’re currently watching.

Yes, there are books I recommend to build your library. Go to, register if you’re a first-time visitor, and enter the word LIBRARY in the GitBit box."

Full article on 14 March 08,, plus his suggested reading and suggested site.

Master Degree

If I had spare money, I might go to school for my master degree, preferably somewhere with great winter season. A full year holiday to escape from it all, build network, get a degree, and hopefully learn something new and exciting.

Thought about it, look into it briefly, there are just not interesting and exciting, worth spending all the money earned. If save some money and goes to school in Bangkok, the course outline is no different from BBA. Nothing like the front line. By the time, if lucky, the knowledge is capture, understood, and pass on by someone who got no experience, everyone else is already jumping to the next planet.

Cannot say the same thing for Bachelor, as good foundation is necessary, but... But because I have no extra cash now and therefore the decision is mine, I am going to do something that is fun, useful, and make money.

Blog is my master, my mentor. I set my own course outline, to what inspire me and what I need to survive in this rapid changing world. Sure, I won't get a degree for job application to increase 10,000 baht/month (ROI would be years if not decades), but I will have an updated knowledge and hand on experience. Just only the stuff that is needed to get the work done properly, and that is overloading already.

I will come back with idea for doctor degree when I get through the dip and graduate my master degree with a 10 times growth on bottom line.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Web Identities

ChangThis is a new kind of media. A form of media that uses existing tools (like PDFs, blogs and the web) to challenge the way ideas are created and spread. They are on a mission to spread important ideas and change minds.

And many more...

Tops Mini Supermarket

Never realize it, it is still a local market. Why don't they market around this idea? Or I just don't get it.

Asking never hurt!

Fresh delivery every morning. (Didn't know that) That is why only bad green apple late in the day and milk always run out. (Thought it was bad management) Early morning people will have beautiful and new apple to choose from, stupid!


Why did it take me so long to start? One of my weakness.

Don't be afraid of what other think. We think differently, and that make us human.

Just post idea and learning as it comes, unedited. And see yourself grow. Perfection is not at the beginning, but an ending that we seek, then maybe, if it is even possible.

One more thing, don't let ideas stuck in your head, you will loose valuable sleep time. Get it out on paper, and move on to the next level.