Friday, May 30, 2008

Drupal on Local Environment (Host) on Mac

HowTo: Create a local environment using MAMP
Read the above carefully
(More Info:

Question: Do MAMP effect original OS X security after installation? Do we need to change default MySQL password? Or is it just a virtual host, not related our internet connection?

To Play with Drupal
1. Open MAMP, and Start Server
2. http://localhost:8888/yourdrupaldir/

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Web 2.0

I saw a lot of new Web 2.0 from Fast Company, The Top 10 Websites You Never Heard Of and The Future of Web 2.0 articles (very hard UI btw) and decided not to look further.

I am not into the new technology. I will wait till what is proven and further recommended by trusted source, then try to make use of it. Hard enough trying to make use of the establish ones, following the technology is a whole another profession.

But this one is very interesting though, a Personal Assistance, Sandy

More blog on Web 2.0, TechCrunch and GO2WEB2.0


This is great. And funny. Advertising, not Marketing.

Source: Advertisers Take Heed

Friday, May 23, 2008

Business Card

Depend on your need, but I certainly hope this will do for me.

The Art of the Business Card

But to get this (copy his wonderful idea), there are a few other factors of consideration...

Who is the user and What do they need
What you do and What you are implying

Name Card
Name Cards

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Art of the Start: Guy Kawasaki

The Art of the Start

(for entrepreneurship)

1. Make Meaning, to change the world (the best reason to start) – Quality of life – Right a wrong – Prevent the end of something good

2. Make Mantra (not mission statement, slogan?) – Short, Unique, Memorable – Mantra is for employee, why do we exist – 3-4 words what we stand for
Wendy’s – Healthy Fast Food
FedEx – Peace of mind
Nike – Authentic athletic performance
Target – Democratize design (great design at economical price)

Joke – Dilbert Mission Statement Generator

3. Get Going – Think different (not 10-15%, but 10 times better) – Polarize people (not for everybody, if a perfect product it is mediocre) – Find a few Soul Mates (to balance yourselves off)

4. Define a Business Model – Be specific (the Q: Who is my customer? and How can I get money from them? – Keep it simple! (Cost, Price, Gross Margin) – Ask Women (men just want to kill)

5. Weave a MAT (Milestones, Assumptions, Tasks)
(A pure beautiful ice or snow track, very difficult to Prioritize)
Milestones – agreement, finish design, shipping software
Assumptions – sales call per day, customer ROI, installation cost – write them down and test them
Tasks – rent an office – help accomplish milestones and test assumptions

6. Niche thyself
Marketing in one slide
Vertical Axis – Ability to provide unique product or service (so not to complete on price)
Horizontal Axis – value to customer

7. Follow 10/20/30 rule – 10 slides on Powerpoint (Title, Problem, Solution, Business Model, Underlying Magic, Marketing and Sales, Competition, Team, Projections, Status and Timeline) – shorter than 20 minutes – smallest font size is 30 points (only important point, you must know, do not read it)

8. Hire infected people – Ignore the irrelevant (work experience, education)
someone who love the product – Hire better than yourself (if you are A, hire A+) – Apply shopping center test (only hire people who you would jump at them!)

9. Lower barrier to adoption – Flatten the learning curve – Do not ask people to do something that you would not do yourself (wait – Embrace your Evangelists (someone who want to change the world with your product and bring good word forward, embrace them)

10. Seed the clouds (to make sale) – Let a hundred flowers blossom – Enable test drives – Find the true influencers (those who do the work)

11. Don’t let the bozos grind you down


Shopify is another great web tool to easily make ECommerce Store and payment system.

Work with Paypal Pro and Google Checkout, and you can easily modify theme with Liquid.

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Google Friend Connect

Enabling users with more ways to do things with friends and Site Owners to have more traffic. Very very nice tool.
(Based on OpenID, OpenSocial, and OpenStandard, it is making a more social, more open, and more useful web)

What is Wiki

Wiki Definition at Wikipedia.

Mean Purpose of a Wiki is for Knowledge Management.

What is the best Wiki Tool? PeanutButterWiki, Socialtext, Wetpaint, and Wikia? Or

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What is Feed

Good explanation from Google, FEED 101

Monday, May 19, 2008


Very interesting Trends and Inspiration Blog, PSFK

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Ning: Create Your Own Social Network for Anything

An interesting Website for creating your own Social Network, following the Long Tail concept.

It shows why Niche is the way, and even Facebook and MySpace are having trouble making money. You cannot be One for Everyone.

Source: You may be on Facebook, but the money's in the Long Tail
from The Long Tail
by Chris Anderson

Adapting to Mac

Must Read:
Hack Attack: A guide for switching to a Mac
lifehacker: Posts Tagged “Mac OS X, Keyboard Shortcuts” Quicksilver Video is interesting...

Shortcut List:
Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts,00.shtml

Why Mac:
Thomas Hawk Buys a Mac

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Google Reader is my Newspaper

I choose the content based on my interest, through very interesting Bloggers

Signal vs. Noise Blog

Don't know how they source their information, might be there culture or surrounding?

Property link

Product Interior link

They are my source of News (the new media, blog/s)

With many respect for the publisher

Respect = Power?

Basecamp is awesome

Web 2.0

Is it?

Next Generation Website, Web 2.0

Interactive, Dynamic, Content Management (CMS)