Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Catch 22

Mass Marketing is for Mass Product. Generalize the Product to meet everyone requirements, and heavily invest in Mass Marketing to break the clutter, if ever.

The thing with Moore Curve though, from Left to Right, Innovators, Early Adopters, Early and Late Majority (the Majority), and lastly Laggards.

1. Mass Marketing will reach the Early Adopters and bore them with a boring product, therefore, not passing down the word.

2. And, Mass Marketing will never reach the Majority, who gave them no attention anyway.

So why not save on the big mass marketing investment, and invest in the product from the start, and the Sneezer (Early Adopters) will pass down the word to the Majority freely.

Lesson: Invest in the product and start with the best product for Innovators and Early Adopters, who will take it to the Mass for you. Think big and Act Small make even more sense. Even if your product is best for the Mass, it is very difficult to reach them. You have to move from the left to the right of Moore Curve anyway.

And there is very few one good thing that is for everyone. People are different. Clutter...

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