Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Free Agent Nation

Belief Changes!

1. Why risk with one company when you can work with many (like investment, lots of research, solid fundamentals, and Diversification)
2. Work is Personal
3. Work is Fun
4. Board of Directors, "The Strategy Group Therapy", a small self-organized cluster to help the hard-headed and soft-hearted entrepreneur with the same frequency consult professionally and motivate emotionally, "Working solo is not working alone"(an emerging free-agent infrastructure)(instead of office colleges and its benefit)
5. Consumer Union instead of Labor Union (Health Insurance, Office Supply, with economy of scale, and deep discount price, buyers monopoly!) Freelancers Union
6. Talent-Driven Model
7. The New Economic Infrastructure

Free Agent: Evangelist? Ambassador? Anyone?

Hope you find your! Please read Free Agent Nation, by Daniel H. Pink!

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