Wednesday, September 17, 2008


"We tend to assume others think, feel and react to the world the way we do. Psychologists call this tendency “projection”—we “project” our ideas and emotions onto others when we act as if others share them."

“Try to discover what it is you most dislike in others, what you most often criticize and condemn them for. A little elementary self-analysis may reveal that those qualities are hidden in the depths of your own mind and that in criticizing others in this way you are, in fact, unconsciously criticizing yourself.”
(Bikshu Sangharakshita, Essence of Zen)

"When we recognize the places where we have a desire to develop, and begin to grow in those areas, an incredible thing happens: the world seems to grow with us. Others appear to take on the qualities we cultivate in ourselves."

From Are Your 'Projections' Limiting Your Success?

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