Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blogging and Web Design Service

Mr. Problogger is a very good blog on blogging business.

New thing I learn today, "Network Blogging" from 10 Network Blogging Survival Tips Blogging is a great community where people help each other.

What it thought me, apart from making just Web Design, there is Blog services to it. (One time payment vs. Monthly fee) It is more than just setting up the blog with the right platform and configuration and information architect.

It is a daily to weekly posting, and not just you, but a network of you. One important thing though, the job that you choose to accept must be your passion, otherwise, you are stuck with lots of research and writing, which if it is not fun, hard work will be too much to bare.

My interest would be self improvement, small business, sales, marketing, web development, new media, design, property, and some food and hotel. So I will be able to do blog for the business under those categories, because will enjoy it. It is more of a learning than cash.

But it seems like the only way to go for organic SEO and to promote your business website in the internet world, as well as networking.

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